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I just upgraded to SignalR 1.0.0-Alpha2. After i did it, I can not debug my hub methods. It never reaches to the breakpoint.

here is code


  <script src="../../Scripts/jquery.signalR-1.0.0-alpha2.min.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="<%:Url.Content("~/signalr/hubs")%>" type="text/javascript"></script>


$(document).ready(function () {
    con = $.connection.messagingHub;

    $.connection.hub.start(function () {
        var myClientId = $.connection.hub.id;

        con.connectToHub('<%:ViewBag.rid%>', myClientId); // Breakpoint never reaches to this method on the hub.

        con.getWaitingOrdersCount('<%:ViewBag.rid%>').done(function (data) {

Hub code:

public void ConnectToHub(Int32 rId, string connectionId)
        var res = new HubConnection();
        res.ConnectionId = connectionId;
        res.RestaurantId = rId;


what may went wrong?? any help??


firebug says:

TypeError: con is undefined 

con.connectToHub('36', myClientId);
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You must have at least 1 client side function (before start) in order to communicate with the hub. AKA con.client.foo = function....

Secondly ensure that your hub name is one of the following:

public class messagingHub

public class MessagingHub

public class foo

Third, when calling functions on the server side you must use the .server method. AKA

con.server.connectToHub(...my arguments...);
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