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In drual 7 my forms are outputting like this

<label for="edit-panes-billing-billing-first-name"><span class="form-required">(*)</span> First name</label>

The problem being the form-required indicator goes at the front. I cannot find the hook. I need to either

I need to change the html order or wrap a span around the text part so the output is

<label for="edit-panes-billing-billing-first-name"><span class="form-required">(*)</span> <span class="mytitle">First name</span></label>
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Use hook_form_alter() to alter this field's #required property.

The code will be similar to:

$form['panes_billing_billing_first_name']['#required'] = FALSE;

Hope this helps... Muhammad.

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I still want them to be required just to change the html that is output in the label. Thanks – LeBlaireau Nov 22 '12 at 12:28

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