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In form there is a text field in which I want to restrict '^' sign. I am trying to escape carret sign '^' in regular expression. For e.g.

"abcdef".match([^]) is returning true

please provide suggestion.

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To match the line beginning:

> 'abcdef'.match(/^/)
[ '', index: 0, input: 'abcdef' ]

To match literal ^, escape it:

> 'abcdef'.match(/\^/)

To match literal ^ inside a class of characters, put it on any position except the first:

> 'abcdef'.match(/[xyz^]/)
> 'abcdef'.match(/[def^]/)
[ 'd', index: 3, input: 'abcdef' ]
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Use .search(/\^/) .Backslash '\' will remove the function of '^' .This way you can restrict.

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Syntax error. Regexes must be enclosed in / in JS, so it should be

"abcdef".match("/[^]/"); //gives null

Also, you don't need to embrace the / into a [], you can just escape it with \:

"abcdef".match("/\^/"); //gives null

See the http://www.regular-expressions.info/javascript.html for details

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If you just want to check if the string contains a caret try

/\^/.test( "abcdef" ); // => false
/\^/.test( "^abcdef" ); // => true
/[^\^]/.test( "aslkfdjfs" ); // =>true as caret does not exist in string
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