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I'm building a HTML5 app for IOS using Phonegap. The brief requires a standard click/slide navigation between pages - but also a Facebook type Settings menu as displayed in the lead graphic of this question (http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7989020/whats-the-best-way-to-develop-a-sideswipe-menu-like-the-one-in-facebooks-new-i), which would also contain a sliding menu structure to navigate between settings pages.

I have setup the basic structure and can slide the main page left or right to reveal settings div'd beneath the main screem via the following script - but I now need to have a separate sliding page structure within each panel - is this possible? If so can anyone recommend a solution? I have looked at both jqueryMobile and appUI (http://triceam.github.com/app-UI/), but cannot figure out how to apply either solution to suit this spec!

$('a.notif').toggle(function() {
    $(panel).stop().animate({left:280},500, 'easeOutBounce')
}, function() {
    $(panel).stop().animate({left:0},500, 'easeOutBounce')

$('.settings').toggle(function() {
    $(panel).stop().animate({left:-280},500, 'easeOutBounce')
}, function() {
    $(panel).stop().animate({left:0},500, 'easeOutBounce')
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