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Help! I use GeckoFx-Windows-10.0-0.6 for browser and xulrunner-10.0.en-US.win32. ( Visual Studio 2010 c# ) everything works well. But i need to clear all history as at Firefox : Tools >> Options >> Privacy

I find how clear cookie over Gecko.CookieManager.RemoveAll();

How clear cache , temp files and history ?!

And when i initialize Gecko.Xpcom i can not clean the folder "Gecko.Xpcom.ProfileDirectory" (where cache and cookie) for obvious reasons. Gecko.Xpcom.Shutdown() does not help

I found a way to clean the cookies via javascript :

var cookieManager = Components.classes[";1"].getService(Components.interfa‌​ces.nsICookieManager); cookieManager.removeAll();

How right call this JS in C#?

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To clear cookies you will need to query interface like this:

    if (MessageBox.Show("Do you want to delete cookies?", "About to delete all cookies", MessageBoxButtons.YesNo, MessageBoxIcon.Information) == DialogResult.Yes)
        nsICookieManager CookieMan;
        CookieMan = Xpcom.GetService<nsICookieManager>(";1");
        CookieMan = Xpcom.QueryInterface<nsICookieManager>(CookieMan);

An access to cache is denied during runtime brobably cause of security or such. Meaning you will need to find a way to delete these folders after you program closes etc. create another app for handling it.

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For what its worth and since I looked a while for this, on GeckoFX 29 at least history follows the same pattern:

nsIBrowserHistory historyMan = Xpcom.GetService<nsIBrowserHistory>(Gecko.Contracts.NavHistoryService);
historyMan = Xpcom.QueryInterface<nsIBrowserHistory>(historyMan);

For Cache without being sure is the correct way:

// Defaults to all devices(0) -
Gecko.Cache.CacheService.Clear(new CacheStoragePolicy());
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