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i am trying to make a Mega ADK(custom board) board but right now i have problem. i am not able to program 2560 via arduino IDE. i told you what i did

  1. first of all burn the hex file in 16U2 via AVR programer then it's detect by PC as port and also detect by arduino IDE

  2. i went for burn bootloader into Atmega 2560 so for that first burn ArduinoISP sketch via arduino IDE but this time IDE say nothing even not given error so i don't know what is going on even i can not Google it because i don't have error code the same thing i post in arduino form but i did not get anything yet. Any kind of suggestion is appreciated

Thanks in Advance

PS:- This is the tutorial which i used for burn bootloader into atmega2560 http://arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/ArduinoISP

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To burn the bootloader into your AVR IC, use another Arduino or a AVR programmer.

Once you have burned the boothloader, you can use the MOSI and CLK pins of your AVR device to burn sketches from Arduino IDE.

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