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I am new to BOOST

We are planning to move from ACE to BOOST. We are not using complete ACE but just part of the ACE library and some are mentioned below

  2. ACE_OS
  3. ACE_Condition
  4. ACE_Timer
  5. ACE_Hash
  6. ACE_Semaphore
  7. ACE_Time_Value

Is this or similar functionality/api available in BOOST . Most Important is there ACE_Task_Base kind of functionality in BOOST

I want to know is this possible using BOOST and any problem of using BOOST. My Product is pure C++, heavy Network and Threads on Windows and Unices

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I sense a world of pain coming your way - ACE_Task_Base provides Message and Thread function/interface as I remember. Not sure boost has this level of stuff - it has things you can use to build that function. – Caribou Nov 22 '12 at 13:05
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ACE_Semaphore & ACE_THREAD & ACE_Condition

The above are all part of boost::threads



Some common things are done in boost w.r.t. OS but it depends on what parts of this you are using. There is boost::system and boost::filesystem, threading above and many more. Some of the lower level calls you'll need to handle I suspect.


boost::asio can be used to create timers which are similar to this and this lib may provide more of the function of ACE (or the mechanisms to create it)


ACE_Hash - again there is a lot of function here, but it could be replaced/implemented with boost or C++11




I would suspect you'll need to create your own replacement for the functionality here. The messages and message parsing mechanisms are quite involved in ACE. Threading is covered above, but a manager for created threads again is likely to need implementing.

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