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I have written some simple tests in Visual Studio 2012 using gtest and every one of them passes as I would like to but as they pass in the command line one of them fail, namely the one that expects a file to be loaded from some location. Code:

TEST(configTest, paramsTest) { 
    Config cfg;
    EXPECT_EQ (100, cfg.getBoardHeight());
    EXPECT_EQ (100, cfg.getBoardWidth());
    EXPECT_EQ (100, cfg.getGoldNumber());
    EXPECT_EQ (100, cfg.getPlatinumNumber());
    EXPECT_EQ (100, cfg.getWallsNumber());

When I debug the test I get 100 in every field of cfg (+ the test passes when I launch the application normally from VS) but when I use Visual Studio's Test Explorer then I have this :

I assume this is a problem with working directory but I know Project's working directory and I put the configs there, so I don't know where should I search for Test Explorer's working dir.

Can I adjust this somewhere ?

enter image description here

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You should copy this file to your $(OutDir) using a post build event using msbuild

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