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From a video recording it was possible to extract the trajectory of the head of a pedestrian moving through a bottleneck. Since, pedestrians sway while moving the trajectory contains nasty oscillations that I would like to eliminate. (The smoothing-algorithm is not relevant for this question)

The results are shown in this figure.

So, my goal is to get a smoothed trajectory using the blue points (called nullpoints). To do that I thought of a spline. Unfortunately, scipy's function splrep has the restriction that the data should be sorted with respect to the x-axis (why?).

However in my case, sorting the data points is not a good idea, then it deforms the real trajectory. The result of the spline, after sorting looks like.

(the last part of the figure is a zoom of the second to showcase the oscillations.)

From a mathematical point of view the results of splrep may be correct, however they have no physical relevance and it is because I unnecessary had to manipulate the trajectory.

Any ideas how to solve properly this problem with python (scipy)?

Here is my code if someone want to play with the data.

from matplotlib.pyplot import *
from numpy import *
from scipy import interpolate

# trajectory
path =   array([
[ 3.83911987e+02,  -3.63506010e+01],
[ 3.80407013e+02,  -3.70444980e+01],
[ 3.77910004e+02,  -3.73224980e+01],
[ 3.75592010e+02,  -3.72258990e+01],
[ 3.72606995e+02,  -3.68973010e+01],
[ 3.68860992e+02,  -3.64117010e+01],
[ 3.64709991e+02,  -3.54816020e+01],
[ 3.60441986e+02,  -3.46052020e+01],
[ 3.56470001e+02,  -3.33995020e+01],
[ 3.53148010e+02,  -3.17936990e+01],
[ 3.50332001e+02,  -2.99004990e+01],
[ 3.48214996e+02,  -2.76462990e+01],
[ 3.45072998e+02,  -2.56490000e+01],
[ 3.41787994e+02,  -2.45536990e+01],
[ 3.38785004e+02,  -2.41054990e+01],
[ 3.36031006e+02,  -2.40007990e+01],
[ 3.33045013e+02,  -2.41030010e+01],
[ 3.29737000e+02,  -2.44983010e+01],
[ 3.26299011e+02,  -2.53087010e+01],
[ 3.22807007e+02,  -2.65634990e+01],
[ 3.19296997e+02,  -2.82255000e+01],
[ 3.15854004e+02,  -3.02551990e+01],
[ 3.12652008e+02,  -3.22993010e+01],
[ 3.09871002e+02,  -3.41482010e+01],
[ 3.07183990e+02,  -3.56874010e+01],
[ 3.04494995e+02,  -3.66516990e+01],
[ 3.01890015e+02,  -3.71099010e+01],
[ 2.99341003e+02,  -3.74341010e+01],
[ 2.96681000e+02,  -3.77743990e+01],
[ 2.93803986e+02,  -3.79683000e+01],
[ 2.90785004e+02,  -3.77564010e+01],
[ 2.87817993e+02,  -3.69802020e+01],
[ 2.84980988e+02,  -3.57428020e+01],
[ 2.82131989e+02,  -3.40877990e+01],
[ 2.79335999e+02,  -3.21539990e+01],
[ 2.76933014e+02,  -3.00962010e+01],
[ 2.74431000e+02,  -2.81432000e+01],
[ 2.71325012e+02,  -2.63622000e+01],
[ 2.68205994e+02,  -2.47146000e+01],
[ 2.65588013e+02,  -2.33606000e+01],
[ 2.63167999e+02,  -2.23937000e+01],
[ 2.60816010e+02,  -2.16775000e+01],
[ 2.58609985e+02,  -2.10203990e+01],
[ 2.56585999e+02,  -2.06432990e+01],
[ 2.54651001e+02,  -2.06508010e+01],
[ 2.52639008e+02,  -2.09992010e+01],
[ 2.50608002e+02,  -2.17117000e+01],
[ 2.48576004e+02,  -2.28300990e+01],
[ 2.46585999e+02,  -2.42358000e+01],
[ 2.44641006e+02,  -2.59650990e+01],
[ 2.42638000e+02,  -2.79718000e+01],
[ 2.40481995e+02,  -2.97957990e+01],
[ 2.38220993e+02,  -3.15263000e+01],
[ 2.35929993e+02,  -3.32879980e+01],
[ 2.33899994e+02,  -3.47654000e+01],
[ 2.32324005e+02,  -3.58550000e+01],
[ 2.30934006e+02,  -3.66335980e+01],
[ 2.29505005e+02,  -3.73493000e+01],
[ 2.28022995e+02,  -3.80163000e+01],
[ 2.26539993e+02,  -3.84826010e+01],
[ 2.25024002e+02,  -3.86341020e+01],
[ 2.23253998e+02,  -3.84396020e+01],
[ 2.21259995e+02,  -3.78853990e+01],
[ 2.19130997e+02,  -3.69795990e+01],
[ 2.16889999e+02,  -3.58032990e+01],
[ 2.14451996e+02,  -3.43969990e+01],
[ 2.11820007e+02,  -3.27537000e+01],
[ 2.09186996e+02,  -3.10618990e+01],
[ 2.07384995e+02,  -2.93244990e+01],
[ 2.04218002e+02,  -2.81264000e+01],
[ 2.01115997e+02,  -2.68684010e+01],
[ 1.98009003e+02,  -2.56004010e+01],
[ 1.95281006e+02,  -2.47794000e+01],
[ 1.92839005e+02,  -2.42327000e+01],
[ 1.90753006e+02,  -2.39883000e+01],
[ 1.88904007e+02,  -2.39496990e+01],
[ 1.87065002e+02,  -2.40893000e+01],
[ 1.85164001e+02,  -2.51790010e+01],
[ 1.83408005e+02,  -2.58622000e+01],
[ 1.81880997e+02,  -2.68085000e+01],
[ 1.80416000e+02,  -2.82280010e+01],
[ 1.79287994e+02,  -3.01436000e+01],
[ 1.78574997e+02,  -3.22188990e+01],
[ 1.77757004e+02,  -3.42841000e+01],
[ 1.76931000e+02,  -3.64440990e+01],
[ 1.76029007e+02,  -3.81259990e+01],
[ 1.75113998e+02,  -3.96713980e+01],
[ 1.74244003e+02,  -4.08652000e+01],
[ 1.73044998e+02,  -4.15327990e+01],
[ 1.72110001e+02,  -4.16768000e+01],
[ 1.70936005e+02,  -4.17703020e+01],
[ 1.69544006e+02,  -4.12965010e+01],
[ 1.67804993e+02,  -4.05098000e+01],
[ 1.66028000e+02,  -3.96259000e+01],
[ 1.64475998e+02,  -3.81104010e+01],
[ 1.63324005e+02,  -3.61517980e+01],
[ 1.62007004e+02,  -3.43326990e+01],
[ 1.60423996e+02,  -3.27486990e+01],
[ 1.58707993e+02,  -3.09353010e+01],
[ 1.56770996e+02,  -2.94423010e+01],
[ 1.54835999e+02,  -2.79886000e+01],
[ 1.52953003e+02,  -2.67169000e+01],
[ 1.50912994e+02,  -2.57530990e+01],
[ 1.48996002e+02,  -2.54090000e+01],
[ 1.47061996e+02,  -2.53249000e+01],
[ 1.45320007e+02,  -2.55256000e+01],
[ 1.43707993e+02,  -2.60972000e+01],
[ 1.41876007e+02,  -2.68913990e+01],
[ 1.40018997e+02,  -2.78764000e+01],
[ 1.38016998e+02,  -2.91917000e+01],
[ 1.36063004e+02,  -3.06130010e+01],
[ 1.34001999e+02,  -3.22636990e+01],
[ 1.31807999e+02,  -3.42985000e+01],
[ 1.29455002e+02,  -3.65051990e+01],
[ 1.27331001e+02,  -3.85568010e+01],
[ 1.25116997e+02,  -4.05253980e+01],
[ 1.23258003e+02,  -4.22365990e+01],
[ 1.21709000e+02,  -4.36623000e+01],
[ 1.20507004e+02,  -4.48983990e+01],
[ 1.19530998e+02,  -4.56188010e+01],
[ 1.18888000e+02,  -4.60003010e+01],
[ 1.18030998e+02,  -4.58804020e+01],
[ 1.17032997e+02,  -4.53919980e+01],
[ 1.15643997e+02,  -4.47540020e+01],
[ 1.14077003e+02,  -4.39210010e+01],
[ 1.12264000e+02,  -4.29716000e+01],
[ 1.10446999e+02,  -4.18083990e+01],
[ 1.08487000e+02,  -4.06045990e+01],
[ 1.06468002e+02,  -3.88120990e+01],
[ 1.04453003e+02,  -3.67605020e+01],
[ 1.02263000e+02,  -3.47210010e+01],
[ 9.98833010e+01,  -3.29178010e+01],
[ 9.76293030e+01,  -3.16152000e+01],
[ 9.55121000e+01,  -3.09032000e+01],
[ 9.33936000e+01,  -3.05140000e+01],
[ 9.14021000e+01,  -3.02255000e+01],
[ 8.95216980e+01,  -3.02507990e+01],
[ 8.76836010e+01,  -3.06539000e+01],
[ 8.58259960e+01,  -3.10028990e+01],
[ 8.40342030e+01,  -3.14128000e+01],
[ 8.25109020e+01,  -3.24874990e+01],
[ 8.16477970e+01,  -3.37783010e+01],
[ 8.10721970e+01,  -3.54217000e+01],
[ 8.02864000e+01,  -3.69583020e+01],
[ 7.93555980e+01,  -3.81934010e+01],
[ 7.82388990e+01,  -3.90952990e+01],
[ 7.72057040e+01,  -3.95537990e+01],
[ 7.61997990e+01,  -3.97468990e+01],
[ 7.54201970e+01,  -3.95574000e+01],
[ 7.46388020e+01,  -3.92573010e+01],
[ 7.36848980e+01,  -3.86537020e+01],
[ 7.25225980e+01,  -3.76381990e+01],
[ 7.13074040e+01,  -3.64692990e+01],
[ 7.02815020e+01,  -3.50397990e+01],
[ 6.93098980e+01,  -3.34804990e+01],
[ 6.82506030e+01,  -3.18008000e+01],
[ 6.69611970e+01,  -3.02639010e+01],
[ 6.55927960e+01,  -2.89077000e+01],
[ 6.44023970e+01,  -2.77817990e+01],
[ 6.31432990e+01,  -2.70891990e+01],
[ 6.19845010e+01,  -2.66151010e+01],
[ 6.08012010e+01,  -2.63731990e+01],
[ 5.95279010e+01,  -2.63244000e+01],
[ 5.81848980e+01,  -2.66625000e+01],
[ 5.67341000e+01,  -2.70667000e+01],
[ 5.53522000e+01,  -2.76193010e+01],
[ 5.40955010e+01,  -2.89263990e+01],
[ 5.30055010e+01,  -3.03295990e+01],
[ 5.19216000e+01,  -3.15974010e+01],
[ 5.08109020e+01,  -3.27397990e+01],
[ 4.95959010e+01,  -3.36008990e+01],
[ 4.83475990e+01,  -3.42673000e+01],
[ 4.69407010e+01,  -3.46990010e+01],
[ 4.56283000e+01,  -3.50008010e+01],
[ 4.45952990e+01,  -3.53820990e+01],
[ 4.35136990e+01,  -3.55634990e+01],
[ 4.24670980e+01,  -3.54066010e+01],
[ 4.11960980e+01,  -3.49855000e+01],
[ 3.94818000e+01,  -3.43259010e+01],
[ 3.75299990e+01,  -3.32298010e+01],
[ 3.54291000e+01,  -3.18832000e+01],
[ 3.35419010e+01,  -3.01863990e+01],
[ 3.18060000e+01,  -2.83223990e+01],
[ 3.03379000e+01,  -2.64284990e+01],
[ 2.90386010e+01,  -2.48046000e+01],
[ 2.77717000e+01,  -2.35111010e+01],
[ 2.66282010e+01,  -2.24167000e+01],
[ 2.56504000e+01,  -2.15105990e+01],
[ 2.45620990e+01,  -2.09494990e+01],
[ 2.36200010e+01,  -2.05372010e+01],
[ 2.25006010e+01,  -2.02623000e+01],
[ 2.12878000e+01,  -2.01607000e+01],
[ 1.99335990e+01,  -2.02614990e+01],
[ 1.84620000e+01,  -2.04685990e+01],
[ 1.67920000e+01,  -2.09810010e+01],
[ 1.50698000e+01,  -2.15951000e+01],
[ 1.31372000e+01,  -2.24368000e+01],
[ 1.08794000e+01,  -2.30415000e+01],
[ 8.29891000e+00,  -2.31980000e+01],
[ 5.61593000e+00,  -2.27952000e+01],
[ 2.89633000e+00,  -2.16718010e+01],
[ 8.38298000e-01,  -2.05924000e+01],
[-9.50327000e-01,  -1.92878000e+01],
[-2.68694000e+00,  -1.77108000e+01],
[-4.20826000e+00,  -1.59780000e+01],
[-5.74339000e+00,  -1.44248000e+01],
[-7.13617000e+00,  -1.34790000e+01],
[-8.80355000e+00,  -1.29467000e+01],
[-1.09091000e+01,  -1.23274000e+01],
[-1.32822000e+01,  -1.15982000e+01],
[-1.57716000e+01,  -1.08766000e+01],
[-1.82273010e+01,  -1.04894000e+01],
[-2.05464000e+01,  -1.03020000e+01],
[-2.24237000e+01,  -9.95550000e+00],
[-2.38675990e+01,  -9.45586000e+00],
[-2.50128990e+01,  -8.74390000e+00],
[-2.58752990e+01,  -7.79803000e+00],
[-2.64664000e+01,  -6.62279000e+00],
[-2.66699010e+01,  -5.05463000e+00],
[-2.65776000e+01,  -3.41969000e+00],
[-2.63474010e+01,  -1.57144000e+00],
[-2.61133000e+01,   6.46999000e-01],
[-2.58085990e+01,   3.23445000e+00],
[-2.55969010e+01,   5.78099000e+00],
[-2.55000000e+01,   8.36744000e+00],
[-2.54680000e+01,   1.11505000e+01],
[-2.53899000e+01,   1.41447000e+01],
[-2.53566000e+01,   1.71451000e+01],
[-2.58187010e+01,   2.05758000e+01],
[-2.65830990e+01,   2.44065000e+01],
[-2.79578990e+01,   2.84622990e+01],
[-2.95126990e+01,   3.26220020e+01],
[-3.12829000e+01,   3.70005990e+01],
[-3.31349980e+01,   4.12872010e+01],
[-3.51132010e+01,   4.54515000e+01],
[-3.70420000e+01,   4.90353010e+01],
[-3.85575980e+01,   5.27621990e+01],
[-3.94586980e+01,   5.64221990e+01],
[-3.97930980e+01,   5.98333020e+01],
[-3.98658980e+01,   6.29235000e+01],
[-3.94589000e+01,   6.64207990e+01],
[-3.88973010e+01,   6.96651990e+01],
[-3.81236990e+01,   7.34041980e+01],
[-3.68148000e+01,   7.73573990e+01],
[-3.54217990e+01,   8.15375980e+01],
[-3.38608020e+01,   8.63582990e+01],
[-3.15564000e+01,   9.19246980e+01],
[-2.93428990e+01,   9.76631010e+01],
[-2.72516990e+01,   1.02860001e+02],
[-2.59647010e+01,   1.08068001e+02],
[-2.51345010e+01,   1.12709999e+02],
[-2.48617990e+01,   1.16903000e+02],
[-2.48806990e+01,   1.20731003e+02],
[-2.52887990e+01,   1.24375000e+02],
[-2.62332990e+01,   1.28048004e+02],
[-2.74224000e+01,   1.31630005e+02],
[-2.93577000e+01,   1.35138000e+02],
[-3.18421000e+01,   1.38580002e+02],
[-3.43532980e+01,   1.42533997e+02],
[-3.68244020e+01,   1.46210999e+02],
[-3.83947980e+01,   1.49451996e+02],
[-3.94422990e+01,   1.52266006e+02],
[-4.00191000e+01,   1.54524002e+02],
[-4.01052020e+01,   1.56955002e+02],
[-4.01661990e+01,   1.59701996e+02],
[-3.94771000e+01,   1.62824997e+02],
[-3.84656980e+01,   1.65957993e+02],
[-3.69557000e+01,   1.69384995e+02],
[-3.54382020e+01,   1.72932007e+02],
[-3.37109990e+01,   1.77065002e+02],
[-3.12064990e+01,   1.81628006e+02],
[-2.85994000e+01,   1.86921005e+02],
[-2.57090000e+01,   1.91203003e+02],
[-2.33045010e+01,   1.95505005e+02],
[-2.18305000e+01,   1.99636993e+02],
[-2.07416990e+01,   2.03414993e+02],
[-2.00366990e+01,   2.06847000e+02],
[-1.97754000e+01,   2.11009003e+02],
[-1.97579000e+01,   2.15139999e+02],
[-1.99501990e+01,   2.19901001e+02],
[-2.07133010e+01,   2.24968994e+02],
[-2.17415010e+01,   2.30507004e+02],
[-2.29566990e+01,   2.36494003e+02],
[-2.40505010e+01,   2.42442001e+02],
[-2.48687990e+01,   2.48417007e+02],
[-2.52953000e+01,   2.54072006e+02],
[-2.54123000e+01,   2.59537994e+02],
[-2.54193000e+01,   2.64915985e+02],
[-2.56805990e+01,   2.71098999e+02],
[-2.59018990e+01,   2.77950989e+02],
[-2.64182000e+01,   2.84119995e+02],
[-2.65342010e+01,   2.89997009e+02],
[-2.60492990e+01,   2.95882996e+02],
[-2.51636010e+01,   3.02220001e+02],
[-2.36994990e+01,   3.09553986e+02],
[-2.22290000e+01,   3.16851990e+02],
[-2.17989010e+01,   3.23812012e+02],
[-2.21809010e+01,   3.30109985e+02],
[-2.24906010e+01,   3.36039001e+02],
[-2.24252000e+01,   3.41493011e+02],
[-2.26278990e+01,   3.46933990e+02],
[-2.34319000e+01,   3.52662994e+02],
[-2.43871990e+01,   3.58191010e+02],
[-2.52982010e+01,   3.64041992e+02],
[-2.64419000e+01,   3.70739990e+02],
[-2.79559990e+01,   3.77709991e+02],
[-2.87983000e+01,   3.84595001e+02],
[-2.86500000e+01,   3.90970001e+02],
[-2.82661990e+01,   3.96442993e+02],
[-2.81972010e+01,   4.01808014e+02]])   
A = array([
[ 3.50332001e+02,  -2.99004990e+01],
[ 3.15854004e+02,  -3.02551990e+01],
[ 2.76933014e+02,  -3.00962010e+01],
[ 2.42638000e+02,  -2.79718000e+01],
[ 2.11820007e+02,  -3.27537000e+01],
[ 1.77757004e+02,  -3.42841000e+01],
[ 1.63324005e+02,  -3.61517980e+01],
[ 1.27331001e+02,  -3.85568010e+01],
[ 1.06468002e+02,  -3.88120990e+01],
[ 8.10721970e+01,  -3.54217000e+01],
[ 7.02815020e+01,  -3.50397990e+01],
[ 5.30055010e+01,  -3.03295990e+01],
[ 3.03379000e+01,  -2.64284990e+01],
[ 1.67920000e+01,  -2.09810010e+01],
[-2.61133000e+01,   6.46999000e-01],
[-3.31349980e+01,   4.12872010e+01],
[-3.38608020e+01,   8.63582990e+01],
[-3.18421000e+01,   1.38580002e+02],
[-3.12064990e+01,   1.81628006e+02],
[-2.17415010e+01,   2.30507004e+02],
[-2.17415010e+01,   2.30507004e+02],
[-2.51636010e+01,   3.02220001e+02],
[-2.43871990e+01,   3.58191010e+02]])

isSort = 1 
# isSort = 0 --> problems with splrep 
#    File "/usr/local/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/scipy/interpolate/fitpack.py",
#    line 466, in splrep
#    raise _iermess[ier][3](_iermess[ier][0])
#    ValueError:     Error on input data

if isSort:
    I = lexsort((A[:,1], A[:,0]) )
    A = A[I]

a1 = A[:,0]
a2 = A[:,1] 
plot(path[:,0], path[:,1], "-r", lw=2, label="path")
plot(a1, a2, "ob", ms = 6,  label = "nullpoints")
# -------------------- spline ------------------------
xnew = np.arange( min(a1), max(a1), 1)
for s, color in zip([abs(max(a2)- min(a2))*32, abs(max(a2)- min(a2))*8], ["-m", "-g"]):
    tck = interpolate.splrep(a1, a2, s = s)
    ynew = interpolate.splev(xnew, tck)
    plot(xnew, ynew, "%s"%color, lw=2, label = "splrep, s=%d"%s)
plot(a1, a2, "ob", ms = 6)
# zoom around the oscillating part
for s, color in zip([abs(max(a2)- min(a2))*32, abs(max(a2)- min(a2))*8], ["-m", "-g"]):
    tck = interpolate.splrep(a1, a2, s = s)
    ynew = interpolate.splev(xnew, tck)
    plot(xnew, ynew, "%s"%color, lw=2, label = "splrep, s=%d"%s)
xlim([min(a2), -20])
plot(a1, a2, "ob", ms = 6,  label = "nullpoints")
grid();savefig("dummy.png"); show()
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The problem with your data seems to be duplicates: You cannot interpolate properly when two consecutive points are equal.

Near the end of your "nullpoints" data, there are two identical rows:

[-2.17415010e+01,   2.30507004e+02],
[-2.17415010e+01,   2.30507004e+02],

Also note that, since you have 2D data, you need to use splprep() (note the extra p).

For a project of mine, I use the following function to interpolate a 2D point set (polyline):

import numpy as np
import scipy.interpolate as interp

def interpolate_polyline(polyline, num_points):
    duplicates = []
    for i in range(1, len(polyline)):
        if np.allclose(polyline[i], polyline[i-1]):
    if duplicates:
        polyline = np.delete(polyline, duplicates, axis=0)
    tck, u = interp.splprep(polyline.T, s=0)
    u = np.linspace(0.0, 1.0, num_points)
    return np.column_stack(interp.splev(u, tck))

I can successfully apply this function to your "nullpoints" data:

>>> B = interpolate_polyline(A, 100)
>>> B.shape
(100, 2)
>>> plot(B[:, 0], B[:, 1])

Result of plot

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Thanks it works better. I was confused by the answer of petantik in stackoverflow.com/questions/2009379/interpolate-question – Tengis Nov 25 '12 at 11:52

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