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In Javascript or ruby, i need to find a substring using regex and remove it from my main string which could contain several substrings.

My main string is

 My <style type="">first</style> name <style>is</style> xyz <style>abc</style>.

I need to remove all the text within the style tag including the style tag.

I have tried the following expression and several other variations

(<style .*>[^<>]*?<\/style>)
(<style .*>[^<>]*<\/style>)

The resulting string i want is

My name xyz.

but i could not find the right way. What I get instead is

<style type="">first</style> name <style>is</style> xyz <style>abc</style>

What is the correct regex for this?

Note: cannot use any JS libraries like jquery and others.

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change [^<>] to [^<] and this should fix your problems assuming no nested tags. You'll also need to change <style .*> to <style\b[^<].*>, actually. Not every <style> in your example has a type. –  Paul S. Nov 22 '12 at 13:01

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This should do it:

str = 'My <style type="">first</style> name <style>is</style> xyz <style>abc</style>.';
str = str.replace("<style[^>]*?>.*?</style>","");
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'My <style type="">first</style> name <style>is</style> xyz <style>abc</style>.'
"My  name  xyz ."

but essentially you're trying to parse xml with regex, which is not really possible.

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You could also use DOM parsing to remove the undesired nodes.

var el = document.createElement('div');
el.innerHTML = 'My <style type="">first</style> name <style>is</style> xyz <style>abc</style>.';
var styles = el.getElementsByTagName('style');
for(var i = styles.length - 1; i >= 0; i--){
el.innerHTML; // My name xyz
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you can try this

[<\/][a-z]+[a-z][ ][a-z]+[=]["]["][>]|[<][\/][a-z]+[>]|[<][a-z]+[>]

and click here for output

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