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I have custom classes in Company.System namespace. But now I am writing code referencing to System, but it is referenced to Company.System. I can use global::System to specify .NET System namespace, but when I am creating service installers by visual studio (ie), all classes are referenced to Company.System and designers does not work. How can I solve this situation?

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Did you use following code?

using Company.System;

Use aliases for your own library.

using Company.System = Foo;
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you have to use aliases to differentiate between one namespace and another: like

 using colAlias = System.Collections;

 colAlias::Hashtable test = new colAlias::Hashtable();

more info here:

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The most obvious solution is to rename your Company.System namespace - it's only going to cause grief for you and the poor maintenance developers down the line.

Another approach is to use the Aliases feature (see when adding a reference to the assembly(ies) containing the Company.System namespace.

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