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I have an OVH hosted application on http://ovhserver/myapp/

This application is also accessible via http://anyUser.domain.com. I did this by redirecting *.domain.com to http://ovhserver/myapp/

The browser displays the http://[anyUser].domain.com. But when I try to read it using GWT, I'm only getting the real adress (http://ovhserver/myapp/).

[anyUser] is a reference to the active account; If you create an account X, my application would be accessible via http://X.domain.com.

I tryed, in vain, using GWT.getHostPageBaseURL(), Window.Location.getHref() and Window.Location.getPath().

I want to read the "displayed" URL in the browser. How can I do it?

Thank you.

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This is not redirection, most likely anyUser.domain.com loads ovhserver/myapp in a frame. You can try using $wnd.top.location.href in a JSNI method though I'm not sure you'll be given access to it (as it's a cross-origin access).

You should really try setting up a true domain/hosting, it doesn't cost much, and would save you many headaches that framing will doubtlessly create.

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