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I have a MongoDB schema like this

    var Person = new Schema({
    "Name": { type: String, required: true },
    "DOB": {  type: Date, "default":  }

And a new object is created( NodeJs using mongoose ODM)

"Name": "Dany",
"id": "50ae0cb32c46b2901c000001",
_v": 0,
"DOB": "2012-11-22T12:54:43.852Z"

I can retrieve this object and DOB from it.What I want is:- To convert this DOB into some suitable format and directly assign it in an HTML5 "date" element .And this has to be rendered using jade .Similar to something like var brthday = Person.DOB.tosome_suitable_form); and then <input type="date" value="brthday "> (instead of html syntax jade syntax is required) .How to do this?

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Try moment.js, it is an almost standard date module for nodejs. You can use moment(doc.DOB).format('whatever_format_you_want'). You can see the formats from their docs.

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