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OK, I want to set margin for the second div on the page using

$('div#superid:nth-child(2)').css('margin-left', '10px');

Everything works find, I've reached the goal. But, I want that rule applied ONLY if this div contains at least one input radio with name superchild. So, the rule above should apply to:

<div id="superid">
   <div>some text
    <input type="radio"  name="superchild" value="2010">
    <input type="radio"  name="superchild" value="2010">

because it has at least one input radio with name="superchild" What's the best way to do that?

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var div = $('div#superid:nth-child(2)');
if (div.find('input[name="superchild"]').length) {
    div.css('margin-left', '10px');
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You could also use the filter method. The script below selects every 'div' in the #superid-div, which has at least one input field of type radio. Then it adds the desired css to the selected divs.

$('div#superid > div').filter( function(index,elem) {
    return $(this).find('input[type=radio]').length > 0;
}).css('margin-left', '10px');


If you want do add this style ONLY to the second div, use your selector instead. But I thought my script covers the desired behaviour better.

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