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I have a js file which cannot be renamed as it's used by users who add a bookmarklet to their browsers. The js file is called from the bookmarklet.

I cache all js files on my site using cache-control within htaccess file.

So if I make a change to the js file in question, can i somehow force a users machine to recache that file?

Is there anything I can do within htaccess or anything like that?

New to me this...

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I'd set a Cache-Control: max-age=86400 instead of an expiry date if you're updating the file often.

But if you would do planned weekly deployments, you could set an Expires: header which points to a time at the end of the current week, so that it would expire right before your planned deployments, thereby making the browser downloading a new version of the file for all request after that point in time.

Another solution would be to start naming your files with version-numbers or appending query-strings to your bookmarklet JS URL.

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In your bookmarklet code you could append, say, current date when including that JS file,


and then re-route it in your .htaccess to whatever with a rewrite rule. Thus, you'll have a daily window of opportunity to push changes, without caching suffering much. May be good enough.

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