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Do you know how to highlight a specified point in a graph?
Is it also possible to show a label for this specified point?

Any ideas?

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I also need this so much :( –  Khaleel Hmoz Jan 14 '13 at 13:53

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You can create a marker to display at the certain point you would like to accentuate! First, instantiate any type of an ElementPointMarker. You can perhaps set a tooltip(for your label?) like :

elementPointMarker.ToolTip = "I am a label!";

Set up the rest of it and add it to your graph with:


If you want to add an actual label instead of a tooltip, you could examine two things.

  1. Creating a new marker class that contains text to display on the graph.
  2. Examine how the D3 Canvas works and insert a label at a specified point on the canvas.
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