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I have an helper that returns an htmlTable for view. The code:

public static HtmlTable Sales(this HtmlHelper helper)
            HtmlTable tabela = new HtmlTable();
            HtmlTableRow rowHeader = new HtmlTableRow();
            HtmlTableCell cellCode = new HtmlTableCell();
            HtmlTableCell cellUnd = new HtmlTableCell();
            HtmlTableCell cellDescription = new HtmlTableCell();
            HtmlTableCell cellQtd = new HtmlTableCell();

            tabela.Width = "800px";

            cellCode.InnerText = "Código";
            cellUnd.InnerText = "Unidade";
            cellDescription.InnerText = "Descrição";
            cellQtd.InnerText = "QTD";




            return tabela;

But my view exibe only:


My return is HtmlTable, how render this in view?

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It depends on what kind of View you are using. If you are using the Razor-Viewengine (you would be using a lot of @'s in the code), then you should return a MvcHtmlString Object instead of a table web-part. The UI Element you are using there seems to be an aspx UI element, which I have no experience with :D – Manuel Schweigert Nov 22 '12 at 14:51
And through the window goes my answer if it's WebForms instead of Razor. – Yan Brunet Nov 22 '12 at 15:28
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As stated in a comment, this answer only apply if you are using the Razor ViewEngine.

The problem is that the Razor engine does not know what to do with a System.Web.UI.HtmlControls.HtmlTable

You should try to build the table using regular HTML tags such as :

public static MvcHtmlString Sales(this HtmlHelper helper)

            MvcHtmlString tabela = new MvcHtmlString(@"
<table style=""width: 800px"">

            return tabela;

You could then pass your data and fill the table with your values.

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The View is for contains the html output.. Using different "helper" (?) methods won't help you just make your code unmaintainable.

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