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I just moved from Rails 3.2.8 to Rails 3.2.9 and my application behavior did changed.

With find_by_id, I was checking if an object was nil before to use it.

Now it is no more working. find_by_id is behaving exactyl like find and raise an error : ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound when an object can't be found with a given id. I don't like starting to manage error raising. This sounds to me like an open hole to a lot of worries.

I didn't read anything about this change in the changelog. Can anybody confirm this major change in the find_by_id method ?

=== UPDATE ===

I found the origin of this issue.

I realized that I applied another change with Rails 3.2.9 : I'm using the gem declarative_authorization.

Unfortunately, this gem performs a "find" on all CRUD actions before you have any chance to program any check in your controller.

My controller start with a filter_resource_access :

class PubResponsablesController < ApplicationController

  # Devise gem
  before_filter :authenticate_admin_utilisateur!

  # Declarative_authorization gem

  respond_to :html

  def show
    @pub_responsable = PubResponsable.find_by_id(params[:id])
    unless redirect_my_missing_responsable(@pub_responsable, PubResponsable.model_name.human)


So even a find(:first) would raise an error. I guess I either have to customize declarative_authorization or manage errors , duh :(

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Not sure about find_by_id, but what you could do is .where(id: 1).first, it shouldn't raise an error –  Anthony Alberto Nov 22 '12 at 14:01
You'r right. Thanks for the answer. However the issue inmy case comes from declarative_authorization. Rails 3.2.9 find_by_id still behave the same as Rails 3.2.8. –  Douglas Nov 22 '12 at 14:16