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Is there a library or open source utility available to search all the tables and columns of an Sqlite database? The only input would be the name of the sqlite DB file.

I am trying to write a forensics tool and want to search sqlite files for a specific string.

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You could use "SELECT name FROM sqlite_master WHERE type='table'" to find out the names of the tables in the database. From there it is easy to SELECT all rows of each table.

For example:

import sqlite3
import os

filename = ...
with sqlite3.connect(filename) as conn:
    conn.row_factory = sqlite3.Row
    cursor = conn.cursor()    
    cursor.execute("SELECT name FROM sqlite_master WHERE type='table'")
    for tablerow in cursor.fetchall():
        table = tablerow[0]
        cursor.execute("SELECT * FROM {t}".format(t = table))
        for row in cursor:
            for field in row.keys():
                print(table, field, row[field])
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Fantastic! I just had one more add on question --- Lets say I am searching for a string "sms" in the tables, once found - how can I print the column name + table name in the above code snippet? – ST-User Nov 22 '12 at 15:13
I've changed the code to use a sqlite3.Row row factory. This makes the cursor return dict-like rows. The row keys are the column names. – unutbu Nov 22 '12 at 16:59
Thanks a lot my friend! – ST-User Nov 24 '12 at 6:22

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