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Is there a documented API for launching Nokia's HERE Maps iOS app for turn-by-turn navigation ?

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here-place://lat,lon e.g. here-place://48.866833,2.355411

to open Here on a given place.


to start turn by turn navigation from lat1,lon1 to lat2,lon2.


to start a turn by turn navigation from the user location to lat2,lon2.

Names are displayed in "from" / "to" fields of the Here app. The problem is that URL percent escaping does not seem to be supported, so I don't know how to encode space in names. '+' does not work either and, worse, only ascii characters seems to be supported.

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URL Scheme for an application can be found in the app's Info.plist. In Info.plist -> URL Types -> URL Schemes -> xxxxx

Extracting bundle contents from ipa is easy. Rename file from .ipa to .zip and unzip to extract contents. Right click on and show package contents. You will find Info.plist, icons, compressed nibs, executable, etc there.

For Nokia HERE Maps app it is nok

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Basically you can replace spaces with %20 sign. Found on NSData & NSURL - url with space having problem or Spaces in a NSURL with variables doesn't load

I preferred too use internal converters shown in the examples

Xcode sample

NSString *sUrl = @"here-route:///52.379189,4.899431,Amsterdam Central
sUrl = [sUrl stringByAddingPercentEscapesUsingEncoding:NSASCIIStringEncoding];
 NSURL *url = [NSURL URLWithString:sUrl];

C# Sample

var sUrl= Uri.EscapeUriString(@"here-route:///52.379189,4.899431,Amsterdam Central");
var url = new NSUrl(sUrl);

Both sample will be here-route:///52.379189,4.899431,Amsterdam%20Central

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