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I have a problem when I try to use a coolBar in a composite and then I embed this composite in an application. The coolBar simply doesn't appear. This problem doesn't occours with another tools, like toolBar and other composites. What can I doing wrong or forgetting?

Before following the code, I refer my system:

  • Win7
  • Eclipse:Version: Indigo Service Release 2 Build id: 20120216-1857
  • Google WindowBuilder 1.5.0 Google
  • Plugin 3.1.0
  • SWT Designer 1.5.0
  • Google Web Toolkit 2.4.0

Composite code:

package xx.xxx.xx.pcommJavaGUI.composites;

import org.eclipse.swt.widgets.Composite;

public class TestComposite extends Composite {

    public TestComposite(Composite parent, int style) {
        super(parent, style);
        setLayout(new GridLayout(1, false));

        CoolBar coolBar = new CoolBar(this, SWT.FLAT);

        CoolItem coolItem = new CoolItem(coolBar, SWT.NONE);

        Button btnTest = new Button(coolBar, SWT.NONE);

        Tree tree = new Tree(this, SWT.BORDER);
        tree.setLayoutData(new GridData(SWT.FILL, SWT.FILL, true, true, 1, 1));


    protected void checkSubclass() {
        // Disable the check that prevents subclassing of SWT components


And the application Window code:

package xx.xxx.xx.pcommJavaGUI.composites;

import org.eclipse.swt.SWT;

public class TestApplication {

    protected Shell shell;

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        try {
            TestApplication window = new TestApplication();
        } catch (Exception e) {

    public void open() {
        Display display = Display.getDefault();
        while (!shell.isDisposed()) {
            if (!display.readAndDispatch()) {

    protected void createContents() {
        shell = new Shell();
        shell.setSize(450, 300);
        shell.setText("SWT Application");
        shell.setLayout(new GridLayout(1, false));

        TestComposite tc = new TestComposite(shell, SWT.NONE);
        GridData gd_tc = new GridData(SWT.FILL, SWT.FILL, false, false, 1, 1);

Thanks for helping.

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You have to set the size of CoolItem manually.

  • First of all pack(); your Button to set it to it's default size.
  • Afterwards set the size of the CoolItem to the size of the Button.

The Button:

    Button btnTest = new Button(coolBar, SWT.NONE);

    // If you do not call this, btnTest.getSize() will give you x=0,y=0.

Set the size of CoolItem:

    Point size = btnTest.getSize();
    coolItem.setSize(coolItem.computeSize(size.x, size.y));


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It might be just because you aren't setting layout data for the coolbar. See this article to understand how layouts work.

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