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I have a data that looks like as follows


I would like to fit these datasets with a NonlinearModelFit[]

    NonlinearModelFit[data[[i]], a x + b, {a,b},x]

The function I would like to fit isn't linear, but this is just an example.

My problem is that I need to parallelize such an operation. I have tried doing it with ParallelTable, but I get dozens of errors. Do you, guys, know how this is done?

Thank you for any efforts.

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Will do. Thanks! –  The Quantum Physicist Nov 22 '12 at 14:42

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After renaming your initial array a to arr and just writing ParallelTable works for me:

dataLength = 10
numOfDatasets = 5
arr = Table[RandomInteger[i], {i, 1, numOfDatasets}]
data = Table[Table[arr[[i]], {j, dataLength}], {i, numOfDatasets}]
ParallelTable[NonlinearModelFit[data[[i]], a x + b, {a, b}, x], {i, numOfDatasets}]


{FittedModel[1. -1.13164*10^-17 x],FittedModel[2. -2.26329*10^-17 x],FittedModel[1. -1.13164*10^-17 x],FittedModel[3.],FittedModel[1. -1.13164*10^-17 x]}

Most likely, Mathematica got confused by your data array a and the fit parameter a in your Table statement.

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