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Sometimes I would like to see the full CSS in use by a web site, for example for copying and pasting into jsFiddle. FireBug and IE developer tools will show me the individual CSS files, but not a combined view of them all.

I believe there are some websites that can do this for me online, but they won't work for intranet sites, which is why I'm looking for a browser extension (for any browser).

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If you install the Web Developer toolbar for Firefox, under the CSS heading there will be the option to view all CSS in the format shown below. Basically it lists all of the called CSS files on the page.

View all CSS using the Firefox Web Developer Toolbar

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Yes, but with "combined view" I mean all of the CSS in one file. If you were able to export to a file all the CSS in use by a web site, that's the view I'm after. –  Tor Hovland Dec 19 '12 at 11:35

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