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I'm developing an application with a similar idea to something like or - i.e., each 'business' has it's own page:

For example

So, Contoso would have a log in to the back end system. One of the options would be 'View page analytics'
So in here, i'd like to display how many visits (and maybe a couple of other bits from the data available on google analytics) that particular page has had.

Is there a way of doing this using the Google Analytics API?

ie- set it up on my whole site, Then allow the logged in site to access a tiny subset (via api, so i can style it / present it in a different format etc…)

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Maybe duplicate with… – greg Nov 22 '12 at 17:19
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You can filter your GA API query (see filter syntax) with :

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Yes - use custom variables. You will have to modify the GA tracking code and add this in based on the customer's pages. If you are looking for a solution without having to learn the GA API, check out We have done this with many CMS providers. (if you are interested - inquire via email).

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