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I want to bind a button header to a file name, but I want to have fix text before and after the filename. Is this possible in xaml without code behind?

Something like that:

<Button Header="Save {Binding ActiveDocument.FileName} as..." Command="{Binding ActiveDocument.SaveAsCommand}" />
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Well I have never tried that to be honest. But Binding object has StringFormat property. So you can simply try this.

<Button Content="{Binding ActiveDocument.FileName, StringFormat='Save {0} as...'}" Command="{Binding ActiveDocument.SaveAsCommand}" />

another possible way is setting Buttons ContentStringFormat property

<Button Content="{Binding ActiveDocument.FileName}" ContentStringFormat="Save {0} as..." Command="{Binding ActiveDocument.SaveAsCommand}" />
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I am really sorry, I tried and first solution doesn't work and I don't know why... because it should, but second one works just fine. And one more thing... there is third option but you have to write convertor and you don't want to touch the code. – Viktor La Croix Nov 22 '12 at 23:24

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