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Hey guys i have problems making a query. I have these Tables:

Index, Artikelbezeichnung, Status, Bestand, 
Lieferant, Datum-Einlagerung, Lagerort, Typ 

Typ, Schwellwert

The Typ value is the key. In lm_Artikel there are multiple artikel with the same Typ. For each Typ i have an Schwellwert in lm_Schwellwert. Now I want to select the Indexes of the articles where Bestand is lower than Schwellwert.

This is what I have so far:

SELECT `Index` 
  FROM lm_Artikel 
 WHERE Bestand < (SELECT Schwellwert FROM lm_Schwellwert)
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It seems that you want this:

SELECT A.`Index`
FROM lm_Artikel A
INNER JOIN lm_Schwellwert S
    ON A.Typ = S.Typ
WHERE A.Bestand < S.Schwellwert
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thanks so much i will mark it as the correct answer when it is possible – Alesfatalis Nov 22 '12 at 14:49

Hope I understand it right...

  1. calculate the number of all Artikel of same Typ from lm_Artikel
  2. check if sum of 'Bestand' of this Typ is less than Schwellwert
  3. select all Index from lm_Artikel of determined Typ

You may try this:

SELECT `Index` 
FROM lm_Artikel m
  SELECT s.`Typ` 
  FROM lm_Schwellwert s
      SELECT `Typ`, SUM(`Bestand`) AS sumbestand
      FROM lm_Artikel
      GROUP BY `Typ`  
  ) t   
  ON s.`Typ`=t.`Typ`
  WHERE t.sumbestand<s.`Schwellwert`
ON m.`Typ`=y.`Typ`

the JOIN inside determines which type's 'Bestand' is less than it's corresponding 'Schwellwert'.

The wrapping JOIN is used to redetermine the Indexs in the lm_Artikel table.

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this probably simplifies to be the same thing as lamak'sanswer – l--''''''---------'''''''''''' Nov 23 '12 at 17:54
I understand it different: I think there are several articles with the same type. so the sum of each stock has to be evaluated with the limit in lm_Schwellwert to determine the type. Once we have the type we can select the corresponding articles. But it's a lot of assumption in my interpretation. – sailingthoms Nov 24 '12 at 13:14

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