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What triggers the animation of the battery-symbol while charging the phone in switched-off state?

Also, how does the phone respond to an ALARM when the phone is still switched off?

What happens when an android phone is switched on?

How does the android-kernel start? Is there any BIOS in the android-phone?

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No there is no BIOS involved in the Android architecture.

The boot sequence is:

  1. Boot ROM
  2. Boot Loader
  3. Kernel
  4. ...

I suggest you to read the whole story here: The Android boot process from power on

regarding the charging animation - I assume that is a mini-system provided by the Boot ROM. On the devices I know it usually takes some seconds to boot it after shutting down.

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On Samsung devices the "charge battery animation code" that runs when the device is plugged in is in "lpm" or "playlpm" inside of "/system/bin" On some Android phones it is in a file called ipod.

Replacing this file with a reboot script can cause the device to automatically boot when the charger is plugged in.


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