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I've uploaded my website to a shared host, all of which is managed by cPanel. I'm using PHP & MySQL behind the site itself. I'm fairly comfortable with the measures I've taken with PHP & MySQL - to validate all user input; before employing in in SQL queries; before employing in HTML. However, I'm not so sure what additional steps - if any - I ought take to secure my web host account itself ?

I will be switching off PHP error reporting & one host problem already showed dbase info I would prefer to remain away from the sight of users

All my scripts have been uploaded to the www directory, so I'm unsure if these could be directly accessed, & so read. I didn't appear to have an option to put them elsewhere.

Any important settings or suchlike I ought to be aware of to minimise likelihood & impact of a successful hack ?

Thanks all.

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First of all controls all forms. Insert preg_match() and mysql_real_escape_string() for data processing. Disable the display_errors value via iniset(); and ensure and make sure there are no problems related to SQL Injection. I usually do this.

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