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I have to decrypt (AES 256) a String in objective c.

I have the Key and the IV used by the other side to encrypt (C#).

Could you help me ?

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Please have look at this application.

All you need to do is to add Helper classes from repository AES256AndBase64 in your application, #import "NSString+AESCrypt.h" in your required file.

Use - (NSString *)AES256DecryptWithKey:(NSString *)key method to decrypt the data:

    NSString* dummyString=@"Steve Job";

    NSLog(@"Normal String- %@",dummyString);

    NSString* encrypt_decrypt_Key=@"apple";

    NSString *encryptString = [dummyString

    NSLog(@"Encrypt String- %@",encryptString);

    NSString *decryptString = [encryptString

    NSLog(@"Decrypt String- %@",decryptString);
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