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I'm writing a local Proxy server. It already works for the majority of the requests. But sometimes I have Problems when I want to resolve the Host-name. Here is what I do:

When the header of the request is received, I filter the first line out. Then I take the Request-URL (which is between the two spaces) out of that line and store it into an Uri object. After that I extract the hostname with: string host=; At least I do the DNS-call: IPAddress[] ips = Dns.GetHostAddresses(host)[0]; (How do I know here, which IP of the array I should take. Whats the difference between those IP's)

Like I said, for the majority of the Requests that works fine. But there are some adresses, that cannot be resolved. Here an example: When I want to open, I first get the HTML-File ( this works fine ). After that, the Browser reloads a couple of Web-Objects like pics, javascript and so on. Those Object of course have some URL. And one of those URLs, that cannot be resolved is: . The attempt to resolve this URL results in the warning: The stated Host is unknown.

Another thing I need to know is: How to handle Alias-Host-names? For example: When I enter the hostname into the Browser, it automaticaly resolves it into I know, there are Recource Reccords on a DNS-Server with type CNAME, but I dont know how to implement this.

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I would say that they come back in the order that the DNS server sends them, I can no find no reference to any particular ordering.

Dns.GetHostAddresses Method

In most cases, there would only be a single IP address. In the case of, they do have 2 and in theory, this would mean that you would round-robin the requests. has address has address

For your information. does not resolve on my machine and would result in a 404 when accessed any other way. does not resolve to, there is a URL redirect on the web server.

Connecting to||:80... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 301 Moved Permanently
Location: [following]
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