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I have an array of Pictures. Each picture has_many comments.

If I have an array of pictures @pictures, how can I get all comments with a certain attribute from all pictures in @pictures? Is there a nice Ruby one-liner for the following code?:

@comments = []
@pictures.each do |pic|
  pic.comments.each do |comment|
    if comment.text == "test"
      @comments << comment

Note: I know I can probably get this in one line from a database query, but I figure it would be more efficient to use the data that I already have, rather than re-query the database for ALL pictures, when I only care about a certain subset of pictures that I already have.

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@comments =
.select{|comment| comment.text == "test"}
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I always love how ruby and rails make everything easy... – Fire-Dragon-DoL Nov 22 '12 at 16:09

map + select should do the trick:

@comments = @pictures.map(&:comments).flatten.select{|c| c.text == "test"}
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