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I have an application for android 4.0(android:minSdkVersion="14") with lots of SQLite tables that needs to download(not delete or send) new data from my server. At the moment the user has a sync button, however i would like to implement something that would synchronize automatically when 3G/Wifi is on and every 1-2 hour.

What pattern or best practice should i use? an Alarm thing, or a local service, or a remote service, or something else?

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You need two things:

Make sure your code runs in his own thread, you don't want to execute anything heavy in the broadcast receivers. A good place to run such a code would be a service with his own separate Thread.

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Use a service and a broadcast receiver (for the wifi state, as mentioned above). Remember that polling a web-server every X times is a really bad experience in terms of battery usage. Try building a GCM web service.

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I would recommend you read Chapter 19 of Android Pro 4( ) and then use the already ready source code from here

I did this by using Alarm + ALongRunningReceiver(=Broadcast Receiver) + ALongRunningNonStickyBroadcastService(Local Service) + LightedGreenRoom(Handles CPU partial_wake so it doesn't fall asleep).

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