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I have a mysql db with three tables

student student_intervention intervention details

I'm trying to do a pivot table view that shows all the students and has columns for each intervention type totalling up the different types of intervention for each student.

So far I have

 SELECT  t.`first_name`, t.`last_name`, t.`student_id`,
        Count(IF(t.`intervention_details_id` = 1, 1, null)) AS Intervention1,
        Count(IF(t.`intervention_details_id` = 0, 1, null)) AS Intervention2
 FROM  (
            SELECT student.`student_id`,  student.`first_name`,
            FROM student, student_intervention 
            WHERE student_intervention.student_id = student.`student_id`
            ) t 
 GROUP BY t.student_id

This works but it only shows data for students who have an intervention. I want a full list of students including those without an intervention. I think I need a JOIN but cannot figure out the right one.

Can anyone help?

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use LEFT JOIN instead

SELECT  a.`student_id`,  
        SUM(IF(COALESCE(b.`intervention_details_id`,0) = 1, 1, 0)) Intervention1,
        SUM(IF(COALESCE(b.`intervention_details_id`,0) = 0, 1, 0)) Intervention2
FROM    student a
        LEFT JOIN student_intervention b
            ON b.student_id = a.`student_id`
GROUP BY a.`student_id`, a.`first_name`, a.`last_name`

if you want prepared statement

SET @sql = NULL;

      'SUM(CASE WHEN COALESCE(b.intervention_details_id ,0) = ',
      COALESCE(b.intervention_details_id ,0),
      ' THEN 1 ELSE 0 END) AS ',
      COALESCE(b.intervention_details_id ,0)
  ) INTO @sql
FROM    student a 
        LEFT JOIN student_intervention b
            ON b.student_id = a.student_id;

SET @sql = CONCAT('SELECT  a.student_id , a.first_name , a.last_name , ', @sql, ' 
                   FROM     student a
                            LEFT JOIN student_intervention b
                                ON b.student_id = a.student_id 
                    GROUP BY a.student_id , a.first_name , a.last_name');

PREPARE stmt FROM @sql;
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Thanks ever so much – salongley Nov 23 '12 at 11:36
you are welcome. – John Woo Nov 23 '12 at 14:58

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