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I have this code

if($hgroup['groupid'] == $row_groups['groupid']){

It is a code generating in cycle. Can anybody help me how to make that stupid newline? I have to do it this way because I'm modifying one code. So I want to keep that layout.
It doesn't work. It will print it with text. I also try preg_replace to <br />.

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Sorry, I don't full understand you. What are you wanting done with the newline? – Rawkode Nov 22 '12 at 15:24
I'm having a hard time understanding just what you're asking here. – Sammitch Nov 22 '12 at 16:11
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If you're trying to print out HTML, the new line is not using \r\n but by appending <br/>.

In a comment you confirmed that you were trying to view this in a browser. As Kolink said, browsers collapse whitespaces to a space, so you lose your new line information.

If you were to output the value to a standard output, like the console, then \r\n are the solution. Same thing if you are dealing with a file you want to write to.

If you wanted to output it both to a standard output AND then in HTML, I'd suggest first filling it with \r\n, output your variable, then use str_replace (documentation here) to convert all your \r\n to <br/>:

$html_problem_text = str_replace('\r\n', '<br/>', $problem_text);
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so :) i think im retarded. I was doing my debug with alert box. There was everything ok with line breaks. Then i was thinking that there is css problem. I have white-space property inherited from somewhere and white-space : pre-wrap; did the trick. But thanks for help anyway :* im just bit retarded and overworked :D – Martin Fric Nov 26 '12 at 8:36

Just throwing a guess out there, are you viewing the output in a browser? Because browsers collapse newline characters (or anywhitespace) into a single (horizontal) space.

You need to use the <br /> tag to create a newline in the browser, or you could use <pre> or some CSS to force the browser to render newlines as such.

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As i said i was trying to replace it somehow. When i come home i will try that function. And yes i am viewing this ij browser. But it accepted \n but it just wont break – Martin Fric Nov 22 '12 at 15:40


\n = CR (Carriage Return) // new line character in Unix
\r = LF (Line Feed) // new line character in Mac OS
\n\r = CR + LF // new line character in Windows
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If you are printing out in HTML:

You can use:


Or keep the $problem_text=$problem_text."\r\n"; if you want but when outputting, do:


This functions is basically "new line to br", it replaces the new line to <br/> so you don't need to have the "<br/>" in your variable.

Also for your information you can use ".=" that means "concatenate this text to the variable:

$problem_text .= "\r\n";

They mean the same, by same rule there are other operators like += or -= for arithmetic operations (.= is only for concatenating strings).

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