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I have 2 model:

  • GeneralExam has many TopicQuestion
  • TopicQuestion belongs to GeneralExam, belongs_to Topic

This is columns in two model:

  • GeneralExam: name, description, number_question
  • TopicQuestion: general_exam_id, topic_id, number_question

I want to calculate total number of questions of general exam, by plus number_question of each topic in TopicQuestion. So I write a method like this:

class GeneralExam < ActiveRecord::Base

  has_many :topic_questions, dependent: :destroy

  validates :number_question, numericality: { only_integer: true, greater_than: 0 }, on: :save

  after_save :calc_number_question


  def calc_number_question
    number_question = 0
    self.topic_questions.each do  |tq|
      number_question += tq.number_question
    self.number_question = number_question

But when I submit, I get error:

SystemStackError in GeneralExamsController#create
stack level too deep

This is my parameters:

 "topic_id"=>"Choose a topic",
 "topic_id"=>"Choose a topic",
 "topic_id"=>"Choose a topic",
 "commit"=>"Create General exam"}

What do I wrong?

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You called at the end. It's starting another after_save callback.

If your rails version is 3.2.1 or higher you can use

update_column :number_question, number_question

to skip callbacks.


You can rewrite it

number_question = 0
self.topic_questions.each do  |tq|
  number_question += tq.number_question


number_question = self.topic_questions.inject(0) { |sum, tq| sum + tq.number_question }
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thanks, I found another way to calculate, I use sum method: number_question = TopicQuestion.sum(:number_question, conditions: { general_exam_id: }) – Kien Thanh Nov 22 '12 at 15:53
update_column works in rails 3.1 and up. I just used it to fix a similar problem. – emkman Mar 19 '13 at 18:26

Use after_commit as the callback. It'll work fine since then it won't loop.

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