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I'm using animationdrawables in many activities of my app. This is the code to inicializate them:

 public void prepareVideo (int resourceBall, String animation, int width, int height ){

    imgBall = (ImageView)findViewById(resourceBall);
    String resourceNameAnimation = animation;
    int id_res = getResources().getIdentifier(resourceNameAnimation, "drawable", getPackageName());
        LayoutParams latoutFrame = imgBall.getLayoutParams();
    latoutFrame.width = width;
    latoutFrame.height = height;
    frame = (AnimationDrawable) imgBall.getBackground();


Then i call: imgBall.post(new StartAnimation());

that call a runnable:

class StartAnimation implements Runnable {

    public void run() {




The problem is i use many animations that are the uses the same xml (frame by frame). I have to call this method in many activities with the same animation. Finally i get a outofmemoryerror. I'm trying to free memory between screens:

for (int i = 0; i < frame.getNumberOfFrames(); ++i){
     Drawable frame_rescue = frame.getFrame(i);
     if (frame_rescue instanceof BitmapDrawable) {

The problem is that when i try to use a resourde again y get other error: "Trying to use recycled bitmap"

Anyone know other way of free memory?

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