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In a large project I am using mustache JS template to build large portions of the page as data is pulled from a service.

It has got to the point that putting all the templates in the HTML of the page when it initially gets pulled down by the user is inefficiently as often users don't make use of many of the templates.

I would like to pull the templates down as and when they are needed which I know mustache totally supports. What I am insure how to do is to build the templates and serve them on request.

I would like my WCF service to return the html template as a string. Which it gets from a HTML file that has been compiled (due to needing to alter the template based on the user, for example for translations)

I guess I could create a control (ascx) which is my template. and my service would need need to create a instances of the control and get it to render out its html but this seems like a very round about way to do it.

Is there a clean and correct way to do this?

Key point: Cannot be a plain html page as it needs to be compiled to use the right translations

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Instead of putting all your templates into one HTML you could start out and set the layout of different views to an compiled template. These templates usually come with frameworks such as

With those you can put single requests to the layout files and split them amongst layouts. At least that how I solved issues like this in BackboneJS applications with multitudes of layout files.

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