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I have this code line:

<input  lass="validate[minCheckbox[1]] checkbox" name="samplecheckbox <?=$row_Answer['QuestionIDFK']; ?> []"  id="samplecheckbox <? = $row_Answer['QuestionIDFK']?>[]" value="<?= $row_Answer['AnswerIDPK']; ?>" type="checkbox" />

Where the checboxes' names are something like samplechecbox14[],samplechebox21[]

What is the correct php syntax for call this element inside of a $_POST? . I was trying with :

foreach(... as $QuestionIDFK){

        foreach($_POST['samplecheckbox.$QuestionIDFK.'] as $valueID){
                // Intert on tables


    foreach(... as $QuestionIDFK){

        foreach($_POST['samplecheckbox<?= $row_Answer['QuestionIDFK']?>'] as $valueID){
                // Intert on tables

but don't works. I need call this in that way , i know other ways but i have use this because i need a common name per question (and multiple answers per question) . So what i should to write inside POST ?

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var_dump($_POST) would show you exactly what array keys/"path" to use. And note that your second example is trying to embed php-in-php. Nope, not gonna work. –  Marc B Nov 22 '12 at 16:02

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 foreach($_POST['samplecheckbox' . $QuestionIDFK] as $valueID){

Assuming that $QuestionIDFK contains the $row_Answer['QuestionIDFK'] value you used when you built the form.

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Correct! Thanks –  Rgg Nov 22 '12 at 16:10

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