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(c# + windows forms) Adding items to listBox in different class

I want to get the combobox value in form1 and use it at form2, because the value will return another data from the registered user

public void povoacboxcliente()
    List<SM.BancoDados.BD.Model.Clientes> lstClientes = new List<SM.BancoDados.BD.Model.Clientes>();
    ClienteFlow flow = new ClienteFlow();

    lstClientes = flow.RetornaClientes();

    cboxCliente.DataSource = lstClientes;
    cboxCliente.DisplayMember = "Nome";
    cboxCliente.ValueMember = "Id";    

Now the value member (Id) will return the sex of the member, that is on database, this part is ok, but what I want is to do the operation in another form.. Here is the code that I'm trying on form2

public void enviasexo()
        idClient = Convert.ToInt32(cboxCliente.SelectedValue); 

        UsuarioFlow usuarioFlow = new UsuarioFlow();

        string combo = cboxCliente.SelectedValue.ToString();

        string sexo = usuarioFlow.RetornaSexo(combo);

        if (sexo == "M")
            Thread.Sleep(200); //envia comando
        else if (sexo == "F")

the "cboxCliente" was used in form1

Thanks People!

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One way is to make the ComboBox public in Form1.Designer.cs

then access the ComboBox from Form2

Form Form1Object = new Form1();

See similar answer at

Stack Overflow Answer for other similar question

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what do you mean with Form1Object? Sry, I'm new to C# –  José Flávio Nov 22 '12 at 16:28
To call a form from other Form, you have to create an instance of it. –  Kishore Jangid Nov 22 '12 at 16:36
See my updated answer –  Kishore Jangid Nov 22 '12 at 16:36
Thanks! It worked! sometimes I let pass basic things..hahaha –  José Flávio Nov 22 '12 at 16:48
Vote up requires 15 reputation =/ –  José Flávio Nov 22 '12 at 17:00

Please use one of State management techniques which are available in Asp.Net when passing values in different forms.

see this

Client side state management techniques

View State Control State Hidden fields Cookies Query Strings

Server side state management techniques

Application State Session State

As a best practise form 2 should not be shown to user if one of the control value is strictly dependant on form 1...input from the user. apply page validation on form 2 and redirect user to form1 if the values from the drop down is not selected..

hope this helps [shaz]

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