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I am trying to minimize a function like the following:


and constraints like:

x^2 <= a

in CGAL::Quadratic_program.

To input "x^2" in the objective function I can do the following:

qp.set_d(X, X, 2);

but what about "x^4" ?

To add a constraint like "x<=a":

hp.set_a(X, 0, 1);
hp.set_b(0, a);

but what about "x^2 <= a" ?

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From the given link:

This package lets you solve convex quadratic programs of the general form ...

Why did you decide you can use quadratic solver to solve your power-of-four polynomial? Quadratic doesn't stand for "quadra" as a "four", it stands for a square as a "quadragon" and means power-of-two.

In short: you cannot use this tool to solve your problem.

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either using a linear or a quadratic program this can be done. this is the actual optimization problem I have to solve using CGAL. – fusio Nov 22 '12 at 21:57
I guess the trick is to set z=z^2 and solve ax^2+by+z^2, then find the result using sqrt(z). Problem is that for instance with a=32 b=-9 I get "infeasible" while the solution should be 82944.. mh. – fusio Nov 22 '12 at 23:04
@fusio If you think this is a bug, please report in on the cgal-discuss mailing list. – pmr Nov 26 '12 at 21:32
solved, my mistake with the constraints :) – fusio Nov 27 '12 at 10:25
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The solution to solve this

enter image description here

kind of problems is to modify the objective function and constraints, in this case by setting z^2 = z.

        Program hp(CGAL::LARGER, false, 0, false, 0);
        //x+y >= -4
        hp.set_a(X, 0, 1); hp.set_a(Y, 0, 1);
        hp.set_b(0, -4);
        //4x+2y+z^2 >= -a*b
        //z^2 = z
        hp.set_a(X, 1, 4); hp.set_a(Y, 1, 2); hp.set_a(Z, 1, 1);
        hp.set_b(1, -a * b);
        //-x + y >= −1
        hp.set_a(X, 2, -1); hp.set_a(Y, 2, 1);
        hp.set_b(2, -1);
        //x <= 0
        //y <= 0
        //objective function
        //min a*x^2 + b*y + z^4
        //z^2 = z
        //min a*x^2 + b*y + z^2
        hp.set_d(X, X, 2 * a); //2D
        hp.set_c(Y, b);
        hp.set_d(Z, Z, 2); //2D

        // solve the program
        Solution s = CGAL::solve_quadratic_program(hp, ET());
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