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use SVN::Client;
my $ctx = new SVN::Client(
      auth => [SVN::Client::get_simple_provider(),

$ctx->cat(\*STDOUT, 'http://mysvn.repo.com/www/xxx','HEAD');

sub simple_prompt {
  my $cred = shift;
  my $realm = shift;
  my $default_username = shift;
  my $may_save = shift;
  my $pool = shift;

  print "Enter authentication info for realm: $realm\n";
  print "Username: ";
  my $username = <>;
  print "Password: ";
  my $password = <>;


After first login, SVN is caching the credentials and not prompting me to enter the authentication again. I enabled certain entries in the config & servers file to disable caching. But it did not work.

One more thing:
I installed SVN::Client using CPAN and installed svn/apache libraries using apt-get. I do not know which SVN is used by the perl module.

The config which I changed is of the SVN which I installed fresh later.

Can someone please let me know how to solve this? I want the perl script to prompt for credentials always.

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According to this:

The functions that return the svn_auth_provider_object_t for prompt style providers take a reference to a Perl subroutine to use for the callback. The first parameter each of these subroutines receive is a credential object. ... These functions and credential objects always have a may_save member which specifies if the authentication data will be cached.

So, I guess in implementation of your callback you need to have setting of $may_save:


Or with user interaction as described here:

            ? "(R)eject, accept (t)emporarily or accept (p)ermanently? "
            : "(R)eject or accept (t)emporarily? "

    my $choice = lc(substr(<STDIN> || 'R', 0, 1));

    if ($choice eq 't') {
    elsif ($may_save and $choice eq 'p') {
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