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I want to find the first section of a randomly-chosen page and have it rendered in HTML.

Here is what I have tried: http://en.wikipedia.org/w/api.php?format=xml&action=query&generator=random&prop=revisions&rvprop=content&rvparse

But it keeps on returning a result in user talks and others that I'm not interested in.(i.e they are in other namespaces)

I don't know how to specify namespaces here. Parameters like rnnnamespace and rvnamespace don't work.

I'd prefer that this is a single API call, but if not possible how can I do it in two?

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If you want to get a specific article rather than a random page, there's an alternative query you can use, based on action=parse: api.php?action=parse&page=StackOverflow&prop=text&section=0

And since you are focusing on the first section, you might be interested in an extended API method (introduced by the MobileFrontend extension, which means it's not available by default on every MediaWiki wiki, but it is available on the Wikimedia wikis), which uses a property called "extracts": api.php?action=query&prop=extracts&exintro&generator=random&grnnamespace=0 -- this query actually strips all the fancy stuff (tables, templates, links, images...) and returns only formatted valid text content.

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