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I'm getting this exception in this code:

Dim TSV As TimeScaleValues
TSV = ActiveProject.Task(ntask).Resources(nresource).TimeScaleData(nStartDate , nEndDate, PjResourceTimescaledData.pjResourceTimescaledActualWork, PjTimescaleUnit.pjTimescaleDays, 1)

TSV.item(1).Add( nMinutes , 1 ) ' nMinutes is the value of time in minutes. The error occours in this line !!!!

When I execute the last line I get this exception

Invalid value for argument.

Error code -2146827187

{Microsoft.Office.Interop.MSProject.TimeScaleValue Add(System.Object, System.Object)}

The estrange thing is that I got this example right from this microsoft reference page.

What I'm trying to do is add a time to time scale on project.

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I solved the problem. I was setting the value in the wrong place.

Seems confuse, but I was trying to get the time scale value from resource, but the right place to set the values is on assignments.

I was doing this..

TSV = ActiveProject.Task(ntask).Resources(nresource).TimeScaleData...

The right code is like:

TSV = ActiveProject.Assignments.TimeScaleData..

For each resource in the task is created one assingment, so teh final code is like:

 For Each assignment As Assignment In Task.Assigments
     if assignment.Resource.WindowsUserAccount = <desiredAccount> then
         tsv = assingment.TimeScaleData..
   end if
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