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When I forget to translate something, somewhere Project VIEW, I change the file /app/Locale/por/LC_MESSAGES/default.po and sending it back to the server.

But mostly, this 'new translation', takes HOURS to be viewed, in short: I just send the file, cleaned the cache and browser CakePHP, press F5, and ... NOTHING HAPPENS.

For what reason?


<?php echo $this->Form->input('Item.0.description', array('label' => false, 
'class' => 'span12', 'div' => array('class' => 'span7'), 'rows' => 3,
'placeholder' => __('Type the description'))); ?>
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What cache did you clean? –  deceze Nov 22 '12 at 18:58
All cache (app/tmp/) and browser cache. –  Patrick Maciel Nov 22 '12 at 19:00
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To force the language to update you can empty the persistent and models directories in the /tmp/cache directory. If view caching is enabled you'll have to clean out views as well.

Caching is disabled when debug is set to 2 (which is the value for using the framework during development) and the persistent directory is populated with new cache files, overwriting the old ones, each time a view is loaded. So the debug switch and subsequent browser refresh might cleaned the old language files for you.

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Thanks my friend. Its exactly that! –  Patrick Maciel Nov 23 '12 at 19:13
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I found a strange solution:

I set (app/Config/core.php)...

Configure::write('debug', 2); // It was 0

Press, F5... wait... and works. Later, I back...

    Configure::write('debug', 0);

Press F5 again, and works.

Why? I no have idea.

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Because turning on debug changes the default cache duration from ~forever to 10 seconds. –  AD7six May 8 at 9:20
@AD7six Yes, is that. Thanks sir! –  Patrick Maciel May 9 at 17:59
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