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I am new to batch programming. I want to find filename and its extension from a String. I see answers where path is in for variable e.g.

    for /f %%a in ('dir /B') do (
    file_name= %%~nxa

But following code does not work.


I tried many permutation and combination with stringvar and %% and ~nx in expression. But I did not get filename.

Please consider below code to understand the need.


Any answer or suggestion is most welcome. Thankig you in advance

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Special var parameters are only for special vars (%0,%1, etc) and for "FOR" vars, so first you need to call anything passing the variable like an argument, or to do a FOR:

@Echo OFF
SET "stringvar=c:\folder1\folder2\abc.txt"
Call :sub "%stringvar%"

Echo FILENAME: "%~nx1"

EDIT: don't use "/" slashes, you are on Windows, and don't enclose the var like you are doing, see my example.

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+1, but I prefer to use FOR variables because FOR is significantly faster than CALL: for %%F in ("%stringVar%") do set "fileName=%%~nxF" – dbenham Nov 22 '12 at 23:03

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