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I have a JAR myapp-logic with classes, some of which are obfuscated and some non-obfuscated.

I want to use myapp-logic in a web application called myapp-web. When I add the obfuscated version of myapp-logic to the dependencies of myapp-web, I get following error message (when I run mvn clean compile):

EntryPageController.java:[55,41] incompatible types
found   : java.lang.Object
required: ru.altruix.ccp.logic.api.simfacade.SimulationFacade

The code with the error looks like this:

final SimulationFacadeFactory factory = this.injector.getInstance(SimulationFacadeFactory.class);
simulationFacade = factory.create(); // The error occurs here (line 55)

When I open the obfuscated myapp-logic JAR with Jad, SimulationFacadeFactory interface is not obfuscated (or looks like it was not obfuscated):

enter image description here

Original code:

package ru.altruix.ccp.logic.api.simfacade;

import ru.altruix.commons.api.conventions.Factory;

public interface SimulationFacadeFactory extends Factory<SimulationFacade> {

Eclipse doesn't show that error (it appears only in Maven).

What can I do in order to fix the error (make the code of myapp-web compile with reference to obfuscated myapp-logic) ?

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Try if that helps: In your Proguard Rules, especially the keep Signature might help.

<keepattribute name="*Annotation*" />
<keepattribute name="Signature" />
<keepattribute name="Exceptions" />
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Thanks. Is there an example of how to do it inside the pom.xml file (configuration of the ProGuard maven plugin) ? –  Dmitri Pisarenko Nov 22 '12 at 19:24
I dont know this example works for ant. But you find that easily, look at homepage for ProGuard. Let me know if that helped. The Signature is needed to be compatible with java generics. –  AlexWien Nov 22 '12 at 19:36

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