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I'm using Chrome Remote Desktop on a Windows Desktop to access an Apple iMac. I cannot figure out how to invoke the Apple Command key function from my Windows keyboard. I would think that the Windows key would work but it doesn't. Is there a way to map the Windows key to the Apple Command key? I really want to be able to invoke copy and paste from the keyboard, which are Command-C and Command-V on the iMac, so I'm stuck because I don't have a "Command" key.

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I have confirmed, using chrome remote desktop, that search+another_key does the same as CMD+another_key while remote-connected to my mac-book pro over home WiFi. I also noted that if I want to enter two search+another_key presses sequentially, I must release and repress the search key after each instance

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Well, it seems I can use the Windows Key to send the CMD Key straight away to the Mac machine. I have tried:

Windows + C: copy
Windows + V: paste
Windows + X: Cut
Windows + W: close window
Windows + Q: close application

All work nice! However you can't use this:

Windows + Tab:  switch between applications, 
                it is already used by Windows for the same function.

But you can still use "holding the mouse middle wheel and moving the mouse up" to see all open applications. It is a little bit painful, but does most jobs.

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On an Acer C7, the right control key maps to command. In fact, the Search key maps to command too, which is far more helpful, but available on fewer keyboards.

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Thanks for the reply. However, that's not working on my Microsoft wireless keyboard. I still haven't found a key that will map to the Apple Command key under Chrome Remote Desktop. If I connect directly to the iMac instead of using Chrome Remote Desktop the Windows key on this keyboard DOES map to the Apple Command Key. What I need is a way to specify/configure the keyboard mapping that Chrome Remote Desktop is using for this session. –  user1467544 Dec 14 '12 at 20:50

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