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I'm a Python and PyDev newbie. My environment is OS X 10.6.11, Eclipse Indigo, PyDev 2.7.1, Python 2.6 and 3.3.

Starting from any perspective (PyDev, Java, others), selecting New->Project->PyDev->PyDev Project results in an endless spinning color beachball. The only way out is to Force Quit Eclipse.

Starting from the PyDev perspective, if I select New->Project, and then select General->Project, the same crash occurs.

My only recourse seems to be to create a generic project from, say, the Java perspective, then right-click the project in the package explorer view and choose PyDev->Set as PyDev Project, then switch to the PyDev perspective, then configure the project folder manually.

Am I missing something in my installation? Is this a known problem with PyDev?

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