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I'm using the DevExpress libraries (version 12.1) in a WPF project. I need to create a DXRibbonWindow to obtain a RibbonBar alike to the Excel one, on the top with quick access tool bar.

So, the problem is that I can close, restore or minimize this window when it is maximized. These buttons work right when the window is not maximized.

The following code is my .xaml file:

<dxr:DXRibbonWindow IsAeroMode="True" WindowState="Maximized" ... />

I need to manipulate this window normally. How to solve this problem?

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As far as I can see from DXSearch this issue have been already reported to DevExpress. Current issue status is Fixed in version 12.1.8. So, you are welcome to update your version to that one.

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Thanks. It is a really issue of DevExpress. By the way, do you know how to solved without update to version 12.1.8? –  Dayan Gonzalez Nov 23 '12 at 15:46

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