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I saw something like it somewhere (was specifically if an entity was nil, then don't display the partial), but I can't seem to duplicate the functionality. Is there any way to shorthand the following?

<% if @sales_orders.any? %>                             
<%= render @sales_orders %>                             
<% else %>                             
<%= render 'shared/no_records' %>
<% end %>   

Something like:

<%= render @sales_orders || 'no records found' %>

or (pseudo, but you get the drift):

<%= @sales_orders ? render(@sales_orders) : render('shared/no_records') %> 
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You're pretty close with your pseudo, I think:

<%= render(@sales_orders.any? ? @sales_orders : 'shared/no_records') %>
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Hah! So close yet so far away. Much appreciated. – Ted Nov 23 '12 at 0:40

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